Wednesday, January 10, 2018


Fundamentally, basically, and quite-a-bitly, the world is either engaged in or sick of religion.  God didn't come via His Son that we might have abundant religion.  Rather, Jesus came that we all might experience abundant life.  Yay Jesus!  And yay for us!

The religious world has bought into two grand mistakes; attendance and doctrine.  Don't misunderstand.  Both are activations and participations are significant matters in the scheme of God's call.  However, it is most amazing that both also may serve as distraction from (not to) knowing Jesus.  If these to become a lower-case church practice without relationship to Jesus, we are of the wrong belief system.

Jesus brings a most fascinating element to the table...every table...every time.  He cuts through the moldiness of tired religious practices and presents new and exciting and vibrant....daily life.  Jesus invites us into a non-explainable reality which refuses to abide by earthy measurements and description. 

The discouraged can hope.  The uncertain can experience stability.  The fretful can relax.  The confused can wait for clarity.  Because Jesus experienced our delight and our darkness, He knows a thing or two about life protocol.  Due to his excruciating death and grave-defying resurrection, it can be said that Jesus has "been there and done that"!  He gets us!

What Jesus brings to the table is the greatest hope on earth...because his office complex is already in Heaven.  So what many of you might need to do is to be quiet...and invite Jesus to pull up a chair.  He will forever change the discussion around your morning coffee time.

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