Wednesday, January 03, 2018


Faith is absolutely a fascinating concept.  It functions in solid reality; yet well beyond what eyes can see and minds may fathom.  Faith may have become a generic church term; yet its height, width, and depth are always out there beyond our most aggressive imagination.

I cheer you on to believe when it would appear to many that believing would be useless.  Express faith in the God of what-can-be when earthly strongholds of homespun philosophy vow that such will never ever happen.  Believe into people and past our flaws.  Believe in the three great Ps: Power, Potential, and Possibility.  All three are His....given to us!

You won't need an army to make progress.  Nor will you need a superior understanding of the Bible's original Hebrew and Greek languages to unlock life's fortresses which try to block you from being a productive winner.  Jesus took common ordinary life and ushered it into a three dimensional life-thrilling color.  Our Savior kept us from being lost...saved us from missing life while here on earth and then, forevermore, in Heaven.

Faith is such a unique expression because it can't be noted, toted, measured, nor earmarked visibly.  Believing is the godly inner tool of transportation; one day to the next, one challenge to the next.  It is to be in every one's possession. 

Be of good cheer.  All those things that bring you perplexionalistic consternation?  Blow them up by staring holes through their tempory your faith eyes which see a new reality far beyond what visibility tries to present. 

Thank you...God!!!

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