Monday, January 08, 2018


God changes everything...truly.  He is both Creator and Master of life.  Our goal is to be alive while we live.  For some time, I wavered from one struggle to the next battle.  Inferiority was my plague so I tried to dress it up as outgoingness all the while striving to hide.  Eventually, breakthrough came and such provides valuable understanding in ministry.

Just this morning I saw what appeared to be two homeless men cross the street in front of my car.  Maybe they aren't homeless; but there facial expressions caused me to believe that they felt beaten down and hopeless.  I prayed for them that they could sense, somehow and some way today, their true meaningful value.

God changes everything...truly.

Embedded within our own struggles, it is our hyper-active God who has already absorbed these distractions upon the Cross.  We, in this very location, are free to imagine and dream and wonder.  Every problem is also pregnant with a dynamic solution.

One of my wars is that earlier referenced inferiority.  It still hangs around.  Since it insists on lingering, I learned to make it serve me rather than boss me.  It launches me; not curtails me.  If "power is perfected in weakness" (II Cor. 12:9) then I will give my weakness permission to be useful.  How does that work?

In my problem of feeling least in every setting, I know that the room is full of like-minded strugglers who yet do not realize how powerful....they are....right now.  How do I know that?  I was that/am that.  These do not need improvement; although they hunger for such.  These need the acceptance of their own lack that their weaknesses are productive for the good and forward uplift of mankind.

The two men who walked by me today most likely do not sense their personal wonder and value.  The secret power of God, however, would make them new men.  How do I know this?  He makes me a new person day by day.  I choose to not let my inferiority be my problem; but rather serve me as a solution to better understand the workings of nearly every person on earth from homeless to celebrity.

Be encouraged.  Be highly encouraged.  Even your bad days are to bow to you in service to others.  We are benefitted by struggles and blessed by such with increasing understanding of how our neighbor feels.  Don't fight life.  Really live, instead.  What Satan meant as harm; Jesus used for good.

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