Sunday, October 01, 2017


We don't like the bad days.  Our preference is surely bent toward the good ones.  I know these latter ones have my attention.  Yet, in reality, we deal with both.  I wish to cheer you on regarding our unfavorite days.  What are we to do with them?  How might we handle them?

First, this world we live in is very broken.  There is no person who ever lived that was not diseased with devastating sin.  We try to/wish to/want to believe otherwise.  But if we believe the Bible, all have sinned and fall short of what God had anticipated.  Breakdown occurs.

Second, since we do experience rugged times, what can be done to endure such harshness?  One thing that is merely a thought away is the fact that we can, at the moment of discouragement, begin to calculate the blessings which saturate us; even in the midst of the dark times...Philippians 4:4-9.  And then there is another element which might surprise you.

When life is falling apart, note that it seems to be at such times that we give God a second look.  Could it be that if everything went well every moment of every day of every month, that we might begin to believe that we've got life under our own control?  Might we begin to conclude that God is not needed?  Yes, for this very trait is going on among many of the rich and the famous today.

When life is falling apart, the blessing is that it very likely is a divine signal to look UP!  No one desires stress.  None prefer angst.  But each contest to the heart has embedded within a renewal of the faith processes.

Read the Word of God.  Time after time, when life was falling apart, the Spirit of God caused it to fall together.  Therefore, try to remember that your bad days are simply another stage allowing His performance where a story of recovery and hope will lead to your positively and profoundly very good days.

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