Thursday, October 05, 2017


Okay, I just had a very unusual experience at Walgreens.  I went in to pick up a prescription.  The clerk wanted to know if I had gotten my flu shot yet.  So...I signed up!  Clerks were at the counter as well as awaiting customers; maybe ten in all.

Once the lady gave me the shot, I stood and announced to all with great enthusiasm that "I just got my shot and didn't even cry once!"  One gentleman in line asked if I got my sucker?  "Do I get a sucker?", I asked with more excitement!

I turned to the counter only to see a clerk holding up the sucker for me to take home!  All smiles at my all-around success, I thanked all for attending my moment.  They applauded...and smiled even bigger!!!

Other than that....nothing.

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