Friday, June 02, 2017


I've written about this recently...and it's not improving.

I'm quite hesitant to post this.  Yet, we are real people living in a real world.  It isn't fantasy.  Ours is a mixture of excessive joy coupled with, at times, crushing pain.  Even though I feel exceptionally vulnerable at the moment, I share this with you only to say that I get where you live; your disappointments, your mistakes, your failures on occasion.

I have prayed for forty-two years that God would help me to reach the whole world regarding Him, His Son, and His Spirit.  I've treasured the times of asking Him as well as watching my requests come true time after time.  What a sensational trip!

Recently, though, my dream has run into an abrupt and halting wall.  In my trying to encourage ministers world-wide, a few in third-world countries have hijacked my posts and turned them into self-seeking fundraisers with the appearance that I endorse them.  Through my list they are not reaching to ten or twelve people; but hundreds and hundreds.  I'm hearing from many of you that you are getting unsolicited requests galore.

I'm sorry that I've caused this.

My devastation is that I cannot now befriend another person because some may take these additions and send their notes of Hello...followed by, How is your ministry going?...coupled by, We are very poor and need  funds to my treasured list of dear friends.  I'm receiving like twenty or thirty FB friend requests a day and, now, I believe you are as well.

So I tell you, first, that I'm sorry for any of you that are now targeted by these people because of me.  I just didn't see it coming.  And I feel devastated because what I felt thrilled over as a perfect opportunity to reach the whole world has been hijacked...and now maybe frozen in place.

As I write this very moment...a request came in from a minister (whom I do not know) in Faisalabad.  My heart goes to this one with anguish to cheer him on.  Yet, will this stranger receive my encouragement or will he do as others are and hi-jack my mailing list?  If I weren't putting your name in jeopardy as being targeted, I would sign up for all of them for even the deceivers may want to know of the deep abiding love of Jesus.  I'm certain they will.

There has to be a Yes in this.  I can't see it at the moment; so I shall choose to wait on it.  And while I do not post this to complain nor to feel sorry for myself, I do so to tell you that all of us experience incredibly deep stresses in our various ministries.  I just want you to know that you are not alone.  And it is within these confusing times, we go to school and learn of the workings of God for He's got this one as well.

My sincere apology for FB interruption I may have caused you.  My fault.  I'm crushed.


Matt Dabbs said...


I think we have reached a point where most FB users are pretty skeptical (which is a good thing in this instance). People know you well enough and know the nature of how people abuse FB well enough to check things. Remember what Paul said, God can even use those who preach Christ out of false motives for some kind of good...even if we don't understand it.

So I am trusting (as you said you are as well) that somehow this is all for a purpose and that you don't need to beat yourself up or feel guilty over it. Your heart is guiltless on this one, Terry. Love your heart brother.

Carole Fox said...

This hurts my heart for you. What should be and can be a ministry blessed by God has hit a speed bump. But, as you say, God is in this and there will be a yes. Blessings to you, my special friend.

ECU Student Bible Center said...


Maybe I'm missing something here but it seems to me you are taking this too seriously. I think Matt (above) is right. Having worked in a 3rd-world country (and still involved) I see this stuff all the time. I would hope anyone considering helping with some financial request of this type would have the sense to check with you first if they feel like you have some connection to it. But, I do realize that is not always the case. In any case, "be still..." (Creole: "Stop struggling...") God's got this and I don't think anyone is going to feel betrayed by you. David Dirrim