Friday, June 30, 2017


After all of these years---well centuries really---wouldn't you think that we would have gotten a few things corrected regarding the pathway to being a newly and vastly improved society?  Shouldn't the caliber of inner man have bypassed the hurdles of wear and tear a long time back?  Wouldn't what ailed families, businesses, and even churches have significantly subsided simply because each generation stepped forward/ahead of the last curve of stressful errors?

Wouldn't you think so?

But, no.  Disarray of the human course and disfigurement of the social process seems to find our present day course to have been perpetuated by malfunctioning philosophy of accumulated past.  Even in the church, we are snagged.  Why is this?  What's causing this ongoing mindset which cripples even the best of our best to the extent that current disorder among us is the same ol' story of ages gone by?

Could it be that there is extreme need for each of us to submit in humility?  And think about those two descriptive words (submit/humility).  Especially in any range of leadership, force and power tend to get the Gold Star.  Force and power are marks of strength, we assume, so move that man/that woman up the success ladder!  These two marks were clearly not a part of the leadership of Jesus; the only one who can spare us from this downward spiraling mess we are in.

The Adam and Eve Syndrome is curious, to say the least, for it causes each individual to approach each day with an assumption that, What I think is the correct way to think.  Such isn't necessarily violational until we then move to step two: Everyone should think as I think.  Thus, mankind is stuck just as broken today as the Two were back in the Garden.

The Good News is that there is a way to overcome this societal monster which hungers to ravage the hearts and minds of every one of us.  The formulaic way is that of the Cross.  And, wouldn't you know that the Cross is the very last place each individual wants to be found?  Didn't God mean to say Captain?  CEO?  Foreman?  President (of something)?  Boss (of someone)?  Older sibling?  Longest tenure?  Shouldn't He have come out with an impressive rather than submissive approach to effectivity?

No, the only way to success is not to be found at the top; but is always at the bottom.  Assess each of the aforementioned list.  The successful ones are those who maintain an inner awareness of humility which is the quality (of Jesus) that makes them/leads them to rise effectively to the top.  The curiosity of the Adam and Eve Syndrome is that it is broken while it tries to convince each of us that everyone else is wrong; but never ourselves.   Strangely, we continue to buy into the did Adam and Eve.

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