Thursday, June 08, 2017


We tend to not think about where, why, or even if we are a powerful people.  Oh, it isn't that we don't desire it; don't dream of being such.  But, I think that few ever realize their arrival.  I know for certain that even fewer know how to get there.  So, let's discuss how one reaches the pinnacle of power.

This is weird; the approach to hitting upon our individual dynamics, I mean.  The peak of our power is always found in our lack of it.  Only God would prescribe such a fundamentally backward and awkward platform.  One's most heaviest strength is never the truest in our best foot forward; but is always found within our frailest convictions of the mind.

Why is this?  The answer is simply because God has called each of us to love others, build up others, encourage others, etc.  Why would these others be in need of love or building or encouragement?  Because.  They.  Are.  Down.  We cannot possibly understand how these truly feel unless we have been there ourselves...beforehand.  Our greatest weapon to assist a down-and-out friend is for us to totally understand where they are coming from BECAUSE WE HAVE BEEN THERE!

Otherwise, we nod our heads uh-huh while being basically clueless as to how to listen; how to help.  The great need within mankind day by day is hope.  And, how exactly did God figure our hopelessness?  He became like us in human form in order to gain experiential understanding.  That's the trail we follow.  This is why we are ever effective at ministry.  We suffer with our friends in order to be of genuine assistance.  Having answers is found within the very center of not knowing all of the answers.

Reaching the pinnacle of power is not in accomplishment.  It is in going to school in the hard times; struggling in the harsh reality, which moves us to being Kingdom useful.  The great biblical stories of God are where His people were stranded (even stumped) in weakness only to watch Him unfold incredible drama of outrageous success.

You are your most powerful at the very point you likely resist the most day after day; your clueless, weak, inability to see how you could be of any value at all.  Wake up to the wonder of God in yourself.  It doesn't come with gold and glitter; with large marquee and billboard of attentive self-praise.  No.  Your secret weapon is the very thing you wish you didn't have.  Your.  Own.  Lack.

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