Thursday, May 25, 2017


I can't seem to find who I am; what I'm to be about.

I don't seem to be able to discover the real me.

It seems like such a struggle as I want to make a difference; but I don't seem to know who I am, what I'm to be about, nor where I am to go to find the real me.

Angst abides within the souls of very talented individuals.  We want to be more than we are only to live in daily perplexity.  I'm sympathetic for I was one.  We probe.  We push.  We withdraw.  We try, back away, and then take, yet, another shot at what we hope this time to be "it".  Yet, fulfillment seem to avoid us.  The desire, though, really is present.  For many, however, it seems that Silver Spoon and sign of the Moon just didn't hit our personal path.

There might be a solution.

The authentic you has a drive to make a difference.  You don't want to just go to work, go home, go to work, and go home again.  During your daily routine, you hunger to do one thing; make a meaningful difference.  You want your life to count.  This is your clue.  This IS what you want.  So mark this down; if you are going to make a difference a difference is going to be necessary within you.  Otherwise, you wouldn't be momentarily frustrated and empty, huh?

Jim Warner wrote in Aspirations of Greatness an important factor for all of us.  As you increase the light on and love for all of your soul, you'll find the abyss is really a treasure mine, and the rejected tailings are the nuggets of your greatness, simply waiting to be rediscovered, loved, and deployed joyfully in service to your world.  As you gain momentum, you'll find the abyss is really a treasure mine because your personal rejections are the nuggets of your greatness.

Okay, go ahead.  Tackle your world another way.  Avoid injury.  Rebuke conflict.  Ignore harsh reality as if it is the big waste of your time.  And, by the way, go ahead and be miserable and make all around you equally so.  Or....or we can embrace the abyss of problems to actually contain nuggets of great and profound treasure.

Rejection doesn't make us happy.  It makes us productive.  Disappointment will not feel very cheery.  Yet, within it is that treasure mine of which Warner promotes.  The reason we can't seem to find ourselves is that we keep looking for ourselves at the finish line when we have failed to suit up in the armor of being treated rudely and unfairly while in the race.  We want things to go our way.  And they are....especially when they aren't.

Don't believe me?  Did God bring hope to the world through a Tea in the afternoon?  Or wait, was it a  public execution upon a Cross?  Oh, yeah.  That' we find meaningful life.

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