Tuesday, March 21, 2017


I urge you to notice abundant life...right now.  Living isn't just for later.  If you think you will turn some magic corner and the temptations of worry and fret will evaporate, think again.  Therefore, I cheer you on to notice the wonder of now simply because there is incredible wonder to behold.

Some are never happy, never pleased, because they intend to get happy someday.  But, the day seems to be illusive because every day has enough trouble of its own.  What we want to do--must do--is to take perpetual inventory of the things going right.  And, everyone has many of those things.

Don't wait until your eyes grow dim before you begin to be thankful for sight.  Don't hold off on the tremendous privilege of hearing music or listening to your children talk until you experience hearing loss.  Too much gratitude is wasted on hind-sight.

If you were blind and could be made to see, would you spend your life griping about the potholes on your street?  If you were born deaf, and a magical procedure brought into reality a new sense called hearing, would you waste such a new beauty by bemoaning all of the negative news sources?  Or, would you find deep delight in the spectacularistic acoustics of tone levels and volumistic resonance?

See, anyone can find the what won't work and the what isn't going well.  Yet, when we enter the Kingdom of God, we gain a new perspective (Eph. 1:18) which alters everything in view.  It isn't that we no longer note the negative, the dark, or the downward spiral.  It is, though, that we see through its facade.  We see that hope is embedded; even in every cemetery.  What is isn't necessarily what's going to stay because the God-factor of faith sees glory is on its way.

When life seems to be upside down, such is the very moment to exert a counter-upside-down faith.  Otherwise, we are mere living pawns pushed and shoved by another's strongest mood.  Not us.  Faith reverses darkness.  Light comes into being.  We find that our reason to hope was legit after all!!

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