Tuesday, March 28, 2017


The art of believing has often been moved to the back of the bus.  When belief is mentioned there seems to be am immediate response of, And?  And, what else?  And, isn't there more?  And, what would one do to really talk muscle in the spirituals?  In some tribes belief has been trampled as the herd moved along more quickly to the important subject of baptism.

To believe was only a step in such a case; a very quick step onto to something that seemed to matter more.  The church suffers today because of the many who were baptized with only vague intent to grow in belief in the Resurrection Power that the very act promotes.  To be born again is to take on an entirely new mindset where faith is, and always will be, the trail blazer.

The work of God handed to us is to believe in Jesus as John 6:29 assures.  We, on the other hand, find that to be a rather shallow comment.  What about Local Missions?  Baptism?  Foreign Outreach?  The result is that we find abundant discussion and activity to be linked to a very weak faith system.  We tend to walk by what we can see; not by what we can't which is the reverse of God's call in II Corinthians 5:7.

I encourage you to take your hardest issues, your greatest challenges, and your most unimaginable possibilities and soak them in a new-found faith which believes that what isn't yet can become.  May we fight the spiritual war with spiritual tools.  We are able to overcome deficiency and disappointment because of a firm faith that Jesus beat the system.  He set it on its ear!

Yay Him!  And, Yay for us!

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