Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Take note of what seems to be a consistent and steadfast truth.  Those who live to encourage others seem to resonate with full life themselves.  That would be because what one sows, one reaps.

The opposite is true.  Those who strive to be encouraged--who are watching for cheering from others--seem to dampen the lives of those nearby.  In this process the very ones seeking the being built up seldom are.  Again, what one sows, one reaps.

Life isn't Rocket Science.  To live means to die to self by attending to others.  To die means to live for self while yearning for others to notice us.

The way to encourage the world around us is to speak words of life, and hope, and love regardless of what we believe we are not receiving from others.  If abundant life is to ever hit our personal stage, it will only be because we give ours away to others.  In turn, God hands more back to us than we had before we gave it away. His habitual nature.

Live by dying to self.  The challenge...for certain...for each of us...every day.

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