Wednesday, January 18, 2017


The flesh lives in ruts; hides in them, even.  The spirit abides on an entirely different terrain.  We must be intentional to lean into the latter rather than be manipulated by the former.  Every day is a YES in Him.  Every circumstance is poised for God's resurrection power which irritates the human need to control through some self-induced and controlling creed of life; religious or not.

God knows how to do stuff!

God can take a group (well a nation, really) out for a walk, come over a hill only to see a swollen river, and part it so smoothly that the travelers just assume that this was a part of the guided tour.  But don't dare try to lock Him into a pattern for one day He will demonstrate that parting of the waters is not essential for everyone's travel.  Jesus simply used such as a sidewalk when approaching his friends in the boat.

God has so been the God of conformity and non-conformity; simultaneously.  This one fact bugs any who wish to get Him to somehow operate from their base of understandable formation.  Some of His disciples would be jailed and He would leave them in there.  Others incarcerated would find that He would rattle the steel cages and the doors would fly open for great encounters of freedom.

Some stories would have dead individuals coming back to life while others died and stayed died (intended to be funny on the last died).  One moved on to Heaven bypassing the cemetery altogether.  While yet there were others who died and arose from the dead.  Now just which way is it that God intends to work?  Yes.

I'm going through the weirdest stuff right now:
  • My role is coming to an end July 16.
  • We announced this week that the Tulsa Workshop is now ended.
  • In a week I will go to my final St. Louis Cardinals Legends Camp.
  • And...I await the results of a brain scan which is sorta weird to me.
So what is a man who looks like Brad Pitt to do with all of this?  I'm to do what we are all to do when facing challenges that sometimes make us cry.  We praise God.  We tell Him "thank you".  We do not flinch.  What we do is live in certainty that as one door closes others break open.  This is the way it will go for me and how it will unfold for you.

God is never out of ideas.  I truly believe that He has wonder in mind that no man or woman has dared even inquire about; let alone approach.  

So I look forward with ambition.  I may be 69 1/2 but I don't look a day over 69 1/8.  While some doors necessarily close, we are now able to watch for the surprises of God which will cause great cheer and bear much fruit.  Every day is a good day...Romans 5:1-5.  Nothing changes that...ever.


Kyler Erwin said...

Thank you Terry for this encouragement. Praying for your health and what God will do through you in the coming years. God bless you brother.

Unknown said...

Love your godly insight, even as you walk through unknown territory these days. Living YES is THE way to live, and the ONLY way to die! Love ya, Terry Rush!

디커슨린다자매 said...

we are now able to watch for the surprises of God which will cause great cheer and bear much fruit!

Jim said...

Great analysis of life and living under the rule of God. Thank you. You are and will be a blessing! Love you my friend.