Friday, December 16, 2016


Every person's daily routine is glutted with sound.  Voices approach us from phones, emails, texts, and of course, an avalanche of peopleistic conversations.  The messages are mixed.  Within this region of communication, life builds as well as unfolds.  We must be careful to hear well.  This will take determined intentionality or else we will become a twisted discouraged society of misunderstandings.

Power words of hope and understanding remain in great demand.  The reason?  Words of sarcasm and pessimism flow down our streets at flood level.  If you want to ruin one's day, unload a boat load of negative expression.  But if you want to build a nation, speak life into the hearts of those who are within your broadcast signals.

Words.  More words.  These are the only tools for building an entire universe that God choose beginning with Day One.  Words.  Let there be...  We, being spoken into existence in the original person-hood of Genesis, have inherited this God-strength. Yet, due to sin's rude imposition, words now create or destroy; depending upon the goal of the speaker.

As recipients of a barrage of incoming voices, we must be determined as to how we hear.  We must take charge of our own communication board by sorting the incoming calls.  Accept the life-words and quickly delete the won't-work, not-good-enough, no-hope words.  The good news is that we control the switch.  It takes assertive practice to be attentive in our sorting.

Personally, I struggle every day with this situation.  That's how I know to write about it. It seems that the more we are in the public eye, the more we become targeted for negative verbalization.  It's wearying and I choose not to repeat it to anyone; but it seriously affects my confidence level at times.  Due to this, however, I have learned that I must hang out with those who speak life.  I am careful to hear their words for the others drain my energy.

Listen with care for the voices of the life-givers.  And, by all means, be attentive to your own words by expressing love and hope and faith into those who have ears to hear your comments.  Life is found in our words.  No one becomes effective or successful until words from somewhere and someone begin to resonate.

Speak life.  Speak love.  Speak that those around you can be resurrected to face another day.  That's how Lazarus came from the tomb, remember?  Jesus told him to come out of he did.

Thank you...those of you who fill my world...for talking a talk that awakens hope, potential, and possibility.  I will always need it.  May we increase our power voices...and change the world around us.  Use your power

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