Wednesday, November 16, 2016


We are targeted by dark opposition.  The temptation to shut down, fade into the woodwork, or just quit seems to run through one's path here and there.  I don't know about you; but I don't like the deep struggles.  I don't like 'em a little bit.  Yet, I learned something years ago that has proven true and accurate.  God doesn't waste one crumb of our crummy times.  Everything is indeed for our benefit; the kingdom style of being a yes.

What bugs me, though, is that while I really do know this and believe it, I somehow wish that it meant an end to the rough times.  But that's not to be.  That isn't reality. Otherwise, why would He hand off His cross for us to carry?  Just for the parade of it?

So be reminded and encouraged that the many pressures and stresses you encounter are not doors with intent to shut you out.  Rather, these are doors packaged with instructions as to how to note opportunity.

There is no resurrection if there is no burial.  There is no burial if there is no death. We are called to carry our crosses how often?  Once?  One time?  No, you know that not to be the case.  But we are to carry them daily.  This, I believe, insists that we take up our crosses every day to die to ourselves.  This daily dying is directly linked to daily renewal....II Corinthians 4:16-18.  Especially note that verse 17 explicitly states that affliction is productive.

Without God, then yes. being shut down means being shut down.  Bummed and discouraged, nothing offers significant hope.  Yet in the Kingdom, there is such strong reversal that the very shut down moments will be used as the fuel for lift off.

In reality, this is the most difficult part of my walk.  I hate the process of dying to self. I'd prefer everything go well and that everyone applaud me!  But that isn't reality, is it?  So what we do, in the deepest moments of suffocating despair is remember God's call to carry an assigned cross.  From there we look forward to resurrection moments even when we can't see anything at those precise negative moments anything beyond our reasons for frustration.

It is true, however.  The very thing which wishes to shut us out is pregnant with the very element that will open a new He insists in that verse 17....of productivity.  Do what you can to believe.  May we continue to hold on to one another while we try to get there.

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