Sunday, November 20, 2016


It ain't easy being us.  Whewee!  We take two steps forward and then somebody comes up from behind and pushes us into the ditch.  Some seem to feel that they can never just pull even; let alone get ahead.

So I want to be one of those voices in your walk that would say that you can make it.  First of all, I have my days like many of you do.  Don't you get tired of being tired of the multiple non-cooperative idiots in your world?  Oh, how I exaggerate...kinda.  And, while bad stuff does occasionally happen to me, too, I especially want to say that we can make it.

This is who Father is.  It's His nature to redeem, to rescue, to revive.  That's His job.  That's His Himness.  Ours is to be redeemed, rescued, and revived.  It's a team sport.

God has wired our world backwards.  The first shall be last.  The weak shall be strong.  And we...the very ones who campaign for Him...find ourselves repeatedly stumped over His backward approach to moving us forward.  This Divine Format forever knocks at the doors of our hearts seeking permission to enter.

Discouragement has incredible endurance.  Shove it down here and it arises there.  So we have to/want to be aware that we are moving targets.  Two things are essential for success; Father and people.  The one-another passages in the New Testament are not page decorations.  Rather, they are survival kits for each of us when our hearts grow faint.

I need God.  I need you.  Every.  Day.  Because when I have those moments where I can't stop the tears, you carry the keys to open the hallways of hope and cheer.  Thank you....for being you.


Dani said...

Have I told you lately that I love you? Dani Fromm

Terry Rush said...

DANI FROMM....I got your message but it wouldn't I'm telling you via this note that I love you!!!