Sunday, August 14, 2016


Well, of course, anytime one tries to define God he just entered into a zone that cannot be fathomed.  I know that.  And to say that there are certain things that I love about God is like trying to describe...well, God!  So do I think I'm going to put on paper in ten paragraphs or less what I love about Him?  No.  But at least I can begin.

One of the things that I am lit up over is how God can take negatives and make them positives.  Think about it.  He took darkness and splashed light all over it.  He took an overflowing river and made dry ground from it.  One of His biggest scenes was when He extracted Jesus making an inhabited grave become closed to business as usual.

This is our God.

Again, I say, this is our God.

So may we lift our eyes (Eph. 1:18) that we might see from the above perspective of wonder rather than from the lower perspective of wander.  There is much more to life than getting by with some sort of Christian scent.  Our God is a Happening-Maker!

May we think like it, believe like, and for our neighbors' sake, look like it.

Dare to go by faith; not by sight.

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