Thursday, July 21, 2016


Could it be possible that even among us who sense devotion to the Christ movement that we move about in somewhat of a stifling fog?  I mean, do we translate Bible life into our walk or do we more basically just focus on knowing our Bibles...the end?  I'm concerned that the fascination of the actual, very real, God-called spiritual exercise anticipated for every individual is being suffocated.  Faith seems to be better regarded as practical; but not exceptional.

Exceptional faith?  Meaning what?

I speak neither of a pushy in-your-face walk.  Nor do I reference a brash and arrogant stance that wishes to regard itself as among the rare who stand for Truth.  No, I merely inquire as to whether we have the faith and the courage and the love to launch out into the vast deep threat of the unknown in order to experience the provisional hand of God.

To put it another way, have we transformed the dynamics of His moves, (such as those of Moses, Joseph, Mary, Peter, and others), from profound to indifference?  Do we regard His teachings as personal and faith-building or do we reference them as mere Bible stories?  Has our belief privilege been stolen by the most subtle fear-traits that perpetually undermine the greatest call on earth which is to respond to the very personal activity of God among us?

I believe that I (we) have slipped into a self-preservationism that is causing the Christian fabric to unravel thread by slow thread.  Go to church is not the call from God.  Be the church is.  The difference is that the former promotes a self-development of right and wrong with a pseudo-satisfaction that our check-list is His check-list.  The latter says things like we will be in over our heads.  We will not know what to do, how to do, nor where to look.  We will be mistreated and are expected to take it.  And, also, that we are to be quite certain that God supplies for His children in ways far beyond our own calculating vision.

We are launched to live.  The cord has been cut.  Earth strategies oppose the Heaven ones.  Ours is a serious, tough, and yet rewarding choice day by day; moment by moment.  We are called to give when we want to keep, to speak when we want to go unnoticed, and to reach when we would rather hesitate.  The walk of Jesus is anything but private.  Through him, Father went public.  And we are expected to follow in his sandals?

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