Monday, July 04, 2016


Can it be true that each of us is our very own conflict of interest?  Being called by God to give ourselves away that others might be blessed seems to cause consternation, or heartburn, as to how.  How much, to what extent, and exactly where are only three of the immediate and pressing questions.  Can we do this after hours and if we miss an opportunity on Monday could we make it up on Tuesday are two more inquiries.

We are in such a high-speed bind.  Our want-tos far exceed our got-dones.  It would seem to me that this is not due to insincerity nor necessarily one's poor time management.  No, it seems to me that we all have one thing in clear common; absolute and constant interruption.  At times we can't seem to get to the matter at hand because more urgent matters butt after day.  Truly, the forwarder we move the behinder we get.  Really.

I'm of the age (69 last month for any who forgot to send money) where I can remember that communication to those of distances away was basically in the form of U.S. Mail which took a week or two to reach it's destination.  To make a long-distance call required deep thought most likely based upon urgency.  There was no "calling up" a relative or friend long-distance just to be in touch.

Today is different.  We have--well you know what we have without me listing them--gadgets that connect us wonderfully to the entire world now.  And...the entire world contacts us while we are contacting it.  And we wonder why we are distracted?  We don't have a disease that can no longer track the incoming and the outgoing.  We have a communication glut on our hands to the extent that the forwarder we move the behinder we get.

Just now, while reading this, you fell behind in something(s).  So our mission is to catch up to a front-runner of communication...that cannot be caught.  But...the chase continues in avalanche proportion.

So what do we do?  I have one idea.  God spoke wisely when He said through the Psalmist, Be still and know that I am God.  If ever there was a time to treasure being still it would be in the center of a demanding lifestyle that gets bossy; even pushy at times.  We are invited to quit the frenzy of hurriedilistic concepts and simply shut down.  Being in demand is not a compliment.  Being still, in this day and age, is.

I have to go now.  The Price Is Right will be on soon.  Wait!  There won't be a parade in its place today will there?  Uggh!  Yet, another reason for me to worry.  And...I'm in my office writing this post...on a holiday?  This, too, should cause me even more worry.  It seems that I'm falling behind my own words to striving to catch up.

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