Sunday, July 03, 2016


Do what you can to rely upon the Invisible today; Father, Son, Spirit, Kingdom Life.  The visible bids for our attention; our constant gaze.  Visible therapeutic enterprises insist that we look deeply into all of those things which will eventually fade.  Truthfully, we are called to focus upon those things not seen being fully assured that their reality is both legitimate as well as eternal.

Rather than seeking the pleasure of sight and sound today (for those attending a congregation), ponder the potential; the possibility of what can be in/for others even when you don't see it visibly. Set aside the critical eye of why some don't meet up to your standard.  Rather, give them a break by realizing that all of us battle in the seen/unseen realm of believing fully.

Use faith, not sight, to assess the value of the present and the future of each person near you.  Rely on prayer; that word formulation that dissipates into mid-air according to the visiblists.  Give praises with all of your heart to God who exists in Spirit presence and absorbs our love for Him.

Seek the Invisible all day long.  Speak of His mastery, His beauty, and His splendid glory.  Church isn't an attendance record.  It is, rather, an opportunity for inner man to get to do what it desires within its deepest regions; applaud God for the spectacularistic moves He makes in profound pertuation.  This, from our invisible position, is who we wish most to become.  Worshipers.

Hey, maybe I did create a few extra words....but they have meaning.  Right?  Right?  Hello?

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