Monday, June 27, 2016


Children understand inspiration.  They are antsy over birthday gifts, Christmas week, and fire-flies.  Short on attention span is made up with long on time with imaginary friends.  A child's world is one of fascination, anticipation, and great invisible creation. Their main dread is nap time.  Except for occasional boo-boos, their's is world of adventure and giggles and of course...lots of Kool-Aid.

If we are to remain inspired it seems to me that we will want to give focus to preserving the Child-Wonder embedded within.  Aging doesn't mean the scale of grumpyism increases.  Sure, aches might; but attitudes aren't bossed by aches.  Rather they are recharged by fascination, anticipation, and grand imagination....just know....when we were kids?

Two keys might promote our personal inspiration: (1) what is, and (2) what can be. The what is can be noted by taking inventory of the to-many-to-innumerate blessings within our possession.  Mine would be God, people, eyes that see, ears that hear, cars that start, streets without barricades, and that the Cardinals won while the Cubs lost yesterday.  The what can be is my favorite because it isn't yet.  But the fun part is to dream about participating in bringing a need for blessing others into existence.

So the reason that I write about this today is that for too long I lived in the church more burdened than feeling blessed.  But such was never really the case.  It was my fault.  I hadn't learned from God at that point to take certain note of the wonder all around me.  He transformed my world by moving it from resentment to marvel.

Did you know that you can't hear criticism unless your ears are functioning well?
   See the blessing?
Did you realize that neighbors won't give you a bad day if you are in a coma?
   See the blessing?
Did you think that the way to get out of paying taxes was to eliminate your income?

To remain inspired is to love the right now of right now!  Counting our many blessings isn't just a song.  It is, rather, music to our ears!!

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