Saturday, June 18, 2016


Is there really a God?  Is the idea that Christians put forth as to His reality some sort of inherited fabrication merely perpetuated by family lineage?  Does God exist?  Or, is this idea a hoax of silliest dimension by the thoughtless or weak-minded?  I understand the questions.  They are usually honest.

Probing minds which search are willing to give fair evaluation as to whether there is anything substantive to believing in the invisible God.  So let's talk about some things we already believe by faith because we see results.  Too, we regard them as most common which, I believe, makes the idea of faith feasible as well as most practical.

While the probe could take us into various zones of useful assistance, let's consider one idea for now.  Is it really possible that there is life after death?  Is the concept of Heaven legitimate?  Or, is this mere folklore in order to keep the church attendance thriving?  I believe the life-after-death issue is both defining as well as clarifying as well as convincing.

Is there a "back again" dynamic among us?  Or is this, once again, the grandest of wishful thinking?  We are free to probe as well as imagine.  Therefore, I would point us to a couple of things we can clearly grasp with hope that a seeker might give the spiritual evaluation credibility.

How many times, as a child, did you ponder on a quiet summer day the activity of what we called the woolly worm?  Yes, we believed.  We believed that in some wild and unexplainable process this fuzzy crawler would one day take off in flight.  Our faith thought that transformation would one day occur.

The promise of resurrection/transfiguration remains one of the greatest artistries of the Creator to this day!

Okay, so we have the caterpillar/butterfly concept.  Are you convinced that life after death is of possibility?  Or is this just another matter of wishful believing which has no actual bearing on the reality of life?  Do you think there is life and then death and then nothing?  Nada?  It's done?

I don't blame any who question.  We need to/want to know.  Is faith legitimate or hoaky?  I propose that this is serious stuff.  We would like some sort of signal that there is actuality beyond the grave.  So I encourage you that there really is reallyness; even once we die.

One of my personal convincers for my questioning mind is that of a seed.  It is never planted to become what it already is.  Wouldn't that be weird if planting three kernels of corn in a garden hill would produce three kernels of corn?  So first, seed it is sown just hoping (on the part of the sower) that it will die.  And if it will die it will become...more...more than it could have ever imagined.

Every cornfield is God's chemistry lab doing all it can to persuade seekers that there really is life after death.  Seed is planted.  It must die in order to give birth to a newer, larger, more detailed order.

God: fact or fiction?  I believe He gives us ample reason to believe for He shows us in beautiful simplicity season by season.

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