Friday, May 13, 2016


Don't you just love right now?  When we ponder all that man has accumulated in knowledge and then position such a gathering toward the more profound mountain of what is yet to be known, one should become overwhelmed at such a realization.  Just how many more glues and cleaners is that guy on the TV commercial going to create for $19.95...but wait order now and I get a second for free?  Creation is pregnant with yet-to-be-imagined discovery x endlessness!

Two classical writers, C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien, were good friends who spent a lot of time volleying philosophical what ifs and just might be as professors at Oxford University.  Tolkien had a deep belief in something else; Lewis did not.  One thought that this world was not all there is while the other felt that it was.  Late one night on a dark wooded path Tolkien asked Lewis to consider whether myth had coincided with history--whether one time eternity might have broken through into real time.  Tolkien believed it had.

As much as I am an enthusiast for learning about God, for I firmly believe that He is, I remain fascinated at the endless angles of stories of any who come upon entering time.  Too, it's encouraging to note others who struggle toward a conclusion that God exists.  Eric Metaxas ponders that Tolkein suggested that the myth of  the god who had died and come to life was an echo of a greater story---perhaps the greatest story ever told---and that one time in history this eternal story bloomed into reality, had broken through history and time as a crocus breaks through the snow.

Don't you find it intriguing that as much as we read our Bibles and then gather over the years in our congregations that we still learn of the new and unique ways His truths affect us, include us, and simply fascinate us?  The very fact that some spend time trying to prove that God doesn't exist seems to me to verify that He does.

May we band together to do an even stronger, more powerful, work of letting the Light really, truly, honestly, profoundly, admirably shine from our hearts into others who stand along the crooked paths of daily living.  These we encounter are precisely as many of us once were; wondering if this God-stuff just might in fact be true.

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