Thursday, May 26, 2016


The admonition to refrain from being a big baby begins with me and then proceeds on toward you.  Not only do we all have this as a possibility, each of us has our moments when others see it of us; even if we don't.

Yes we know a few things.  Compared to all that is known and all that is yet to be known, that which we individually know is quite micro in proportion.  So I know three things or forty-eight things that you don't?  Three people or forty-eight know tons of facts and figures that I didn't even know existed.

Just because I know that Stan Musial's bat handle was 15/16ths of an inch in diameter and was the smallest bat handle in the Major Leagues during his career does not make me king of knowing stuff (although I do have moments where knowing this fact causes me to feel a bit cool).

My point is that we are all very small compared to the empowering and towering large world of knowledge.  So let us not have the big-head...ever.  We are not sharper than one other person.  Yes, we might know a detail here and there of which others around us know nothing.  To be reminded that these also have abundant awareness of definitions and attributions of matters that we are purely clueless should cause us to park the high-horse and dismount.

You are not smarter than another.  Maybe in a few things, yes, but when realizing that few is so key, we may also admit that every one who receives my criticism is much more informed in other zones.  Our expertise, as we call it, is to be valued; but never as defining us as above another.  We never are.

I believe we live in a 1/1,000,000 ratio.  If I know one thing that others don't (and I do know some things that some others don't), I can be assured that others combined know one million facts or truths that never occurred to me.  This escalates the joy of life; not the ego of it.

So yes, each of us has a significant grasp of information valuable to the populace around.  But never let it be thought that because we are in on a very few of these markings that we are smarter, better, or more significant than another.  Don't be a big baby acting like we above others.  We are not....ever.

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