Thursday, April 21, 2016


There is this facet of ordinaryistic living which is surely genius straight out of Heaven. The reason I credit God is because that's precisely where the invention and provision began.

There is a burden known to all men.  It has no bias as to whom it shall chose to target. Everyone experiences this struggle in significant degrees.  Devastation to the heart and mind result.  I speak of the enormous quagmire of living upon earth with the perpetual nagging of sin...their sin and our own.  This Villain is everywhere we turn and goes everywhere we go affecting everything we do.

So what is the cure?  It has been issued and is to be experienced.  It is called forgiveness.  Releasing one another from offenses is double-edged because it accomplishes two dramatic wonders.  First it sets our offenders free from guilt and shame...all done by a decision that is very possible on our part.  The other side of this sword is what it does for us when we forgive; we, in turn, enter into forgiveness from Him.

This is a serious matter.  We are to be merciful to others that we receive mercy from God.  This is a life-changer in attitude, in disposition, and in walking throughout our days in marvelous gratitude.  The double-edged sword for all lives is simply that we choose to forgive and to be forgiven.

The constant replaying in our minds of offenses received or caused is a drain on the human heart.  A mere, but potent, decision to drop the angst thrusts us into the works of Heaven as we walk upon earth.  Jesus is the Master of this.  Look at the Cross.  Note the torture.  Observe the refusal to lash out in harsh words but to receive their sins upon himself.  This mark remains foreign to too much of Christianity.  The result is we consume each other in anger and spite...and the Villain wins while we feel rather firm about our own holiness which is, itself, a sham if based upon our selfie goodness.

Thus, Jesus introduced an entirely new standard; die for the idiots who wield pain and spite.  Love them deeply.  Overlook their rudeness and then...and the price which would satisfy Father so that they won't lose their souls.  That, my friend, is a much different approach than going to church and determining whether we like the hour and half presentation.

Now do you possibly see why each of us is handed a cross to bear?  Do we really believe these crosses have nothing to do with reality; the actuality of facing sarcasm, silliness, and sin?  Have we neutered one of the greatest powers ever handed to mankind by making the cross a wasted symbol for we have no intentions of radically forgiving those who have hurt us?

Listen, we have been hurt deeply.  No one would deny this.  Do not assume, however, that we have not also hurt others deeply.  It is here we would prefer to deny.  The double-edged sword of forgiveness cleans up their well as our own.

The Cross of Christ is not only the most brilliant move ever; it has been assigned to each of us to carry responsibly for it is the only true way to win the world.  The double-edged sword of forgiving others and them forgiving us and God forgiving all....truly brings life beyond one's imagination.

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