Thursday, March 10, 2016


We not only seem to live in a wacky world, each of us is a bit wacky.  Well...maybe I should have said a lot instead of a bit.  There is this deep conflict that seems to reign from person to person to person.  Try this on for size.  We each believe we think better than others.  Simultaneously, we envy others; even to the point of depression because we feel that we are not as good as they.  Are you following me here?

I have experienced an inner revolution over the years.  While slow, it has been steady. It wasn't a matter of finding a cheering section.  Neither was it a sudden discovery of a hidden talent that I hadn't realized.  Quite the opposite, really.  I hit upon an experience of true revolution.

Romans 5:1-5 pegged me against the wall.  It explicitly speaks that any who are critical of others are guilty of the very same identical issue.  Oh no!  Say it ain't so, God!  Yet, this Divine Revelation has created an inner revolution of which I had never encountered.  It is a most self-defining, breath-taking, personal inventorying matter which will no longer allow me to see others as less and me as more.

What's stranger than strange is that this realization didn't depress me.  That's odd in itself.  What it did do was release me.  The shift that took place still marvelizes me.  I can't believe that the very things I would erect as safety measures were some of the things which kept me at bay from connecting with peers and reaching the world.

Take a look at Father.  Sure.  He reached to mankind through humans like Moses, Esther, and Micah.  But when He got himself down here as one of us and took on the robes, not of a king but of a human, He began to walk us through our own potential. We connect with the invisible God when we first perceive the hey-he-really-does-get-us humanity of Jesus.

God came down.  It was during those days that He gained useful insight to His highly complex creatures called men and women.  When we come down...come down from arrogance...come down from elitism...come down from the need to conquer, to win, to look good...we will be oh so surprised.  Humility isn't humiliating.  It isn't depressing nor is it as repulsive as we had perceived.  It is the lens from which our very own eyes can fathom a divine strength to change the world.

Might we experience inner revolution?  I say yes.  God says it better than I of course. Revolution comes in the forms of submission, yielding, and othernesses for which we bravely and courageously die to our own dreams and safety-insistences.  We are not average; but such not average does not mean that we are elevated.  No.  The opposite. Just as Jesus, who gave away himself, we encounter the highest call at the lowest rung of the experiential ladder.

God reached down sending his Son.  His Son reached up for effectiveness and strength. We are called to follow....the Son.  Reaching up is revolutionary.  So try to remember; we don't do ministry reaching down....but up.  This...will change our world.

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