Saturday, March 12, 2016


Now look, some (well probably most) don't need this post.  But, this is a very tricky weekend.  Most get the concept of Standard Time and Daylight Savings Time.  In reality, this is a basic non-problem for a high percentage of men, women, and even children.  I, on the other hand, seem to come up with impossibly new ways to fail at the Clock Setting ceremonies.

I just can't believe it.  It's like I'm making this stuff up.  But it's happened A G A I N.

Changing clocks over shouldn't be this hard.  For me it is; like the time I set my new alarm clock forward in the Spring....not realizing that this modern contraption would set itself forward.  So instead of when I thought 6:30 would be, I was up at 4:30....well...even this story doesn't seem right, does it?

What's weird is that I am really into this time-changing moment.  I really like it; but the various ways I have missed it and messed it is incredible.  And this goes on every year.  That time I set my clocks forward a week too soon was tough to take because I had to do it all over the next weekend.  I was changing clocks forward and backward and then forward all week long.

Folks, it just ain't easy being me.

So this morning as I am in the office I realize that I want the staff to walk in tomorrow upon three clocks that      have     already     been     changed!!!  They will be so surprised that someone took care of this.  Won't they?  Full of pride in my recall that this is the weekend, and then factoring in that this will surprise the staff that I've taken care of it, I went to every clock and set them back one hour.

Done.  Good job, self.  Proud of me.  No.  No.  Stay seated.  No need for a standing ovation and applause.  It's just a thing I do.  Goodness, don't shower me with heroic accolades.  Really.

Moments later while walking down the hall and still congratulating myself upon my fine attention to office detail, something hit me.  Did I do what I just think I might have done?  Did I do that backward...again?  Oh self, say it ain't so.  Spring forward; Fall backwa....oh, no!!!

So then I had to set my clocks two hours forward.  Now how many would you know who can say that they set their clocks two hours forward this weekend?  Me.  Anybody else?  Anybody?

For those like sure to set your clocks forward two hours.  I don't know exactly why.  Just do it.  Note: I really hope this is the correct weekend.  It is.  Right?  Hello?

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