Sunday, February 21, 2016


Being a person can take its toll...on being a person.

We do have the elements to fight, don't we?  What's weird is that, as much as we resent personal criticism from any other, we feel such freedom to whittle ourselves down to size before our opponents enter the ring.  Truthfully, sometimes the enemy is us.

I wish to give you a boost--and for some possibly a hearty shove--out of the safety nest from which we try to do life.  I am convinced, being a people person, that far too many never experience the grand scale of life afforded them by God.  These abide in fear, stress, and clear hesitation.

So you might get some things wrong?  Who doesn't?  You fear you would say the wrong thing along the way?  Most of us do.  These factors that wish to intimidate us do much more.  They choke us out.

We cannot survive trying to live from the safety-nest.  We miss out.  Really, while we reside there (in that place we believe to be protected) we do not find robust living.  No. We experience the dull routine of getting by.

So what would I recommend?

Check your belief factors.  Are such orifices clogged with self-hindering-talk?  Are you too prideful to fail?  Life takes risks.  You have much to offer the world...truly, really, honestly.  So don't live in a bubble of self-denial for in doing so you tend to rob your friends and neighbors of the authentic you.

You are enough to make a difference.  Try not to hold back; but step up and step out. The world is growing darker because more and more people are hiding their light under bushel baskets.  Let's leave the safety-nest and brighten the world one conversation at a time!

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