Saturday, February 20, 2016


Shall we defy the thoughtless tendency of the world by failing to flinch when the rough stuff happens?  May we not pretend it didn't take place.  But rather, might we live brightly from the Light that assures us that He has paid for the damages?

This life in Jesus isn't a Sunday School activity.  It is real life played out on real earth while bumping into real people who God real?

We seek not merely that our days go well.  What we pursue is the ability to praise God when we aren't sitting in pew the other six days.  We intentionally bring up to God how truly honored we are of Him and by Him for all that He does day in as well as day out.

Good morning friend!  Another Saturday is facing us!

May we inherit it with gusto.  Me?  I've got taxes to figure.  How many wish they could leave their prison cells or their hospital beds and work on the mundaness of such confusing paper work?

Millions would trade me simply because they got to have an income!  And...I get to be one who does.

Good morning!  Another Saturday is facing us!  And....our name is in the line-up!  We best be suiting up!

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