Monday, January 25, 2016


While great diversity is among us and about us, a fundamental similarity reigns.  We are sinful beyond our imagination and redeemed to even a greater extent.  This is a puzzle to society; both in and out of the church.  We can't fathom the glory of God's effective reach.

We are each such chiefest of sinners which only magnifies the saving work of Jesus on the Cross.  To look down upon one other person is to gravely misunderstand the ruin of self.  Should we boost our egos in comparison to a less other, we will have sorely mismanaged our ability to think clearly.

We are never right because another behaves poorly.  We are always and only right because Jesus became all of our wrongs.  Look at him upon the Cross; bloodied and beaten.  God had it our with us...each of us at that scene.

Because he arose...we each may arise in the wonder of it all for we all live in the same boat.

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