Saturday, January 02, 2016


What I like about life is that it is uniquely, wonderfully, absolutely....alive!  Surprised at my non-brilliance?  You already knew life was alive; that's why it's called that?  Well, my concern is that a vast amount of friends (and enemies) don't experience life alive.

My observation is that the masses have been buried before they ever reach the cemetery.  Brooding, anger, suspicion, doomed, negative; this and more reflects the minds and hearts of so many in the church and out.  What is exciting is, yes this can be true, but the mold can be broken!

Jesus died so that we could live!  We are to possess life alive!

Do you know what makes life burst with wow-ism?  Try forgiving everyone; not a few, not the least offensive, but E V E R Y O N E.  Try telling God Thank You for your bad days.  Consider prayer instead of gossip.

Ponder the ninety-nine things going right (like eyes, ears, arms, legs, stoves, cars, computers, medications, clinics, kitchen tables, ironing boards, tires, basketballs, voting booths, parking lots, hair dryers [for some, hair], and eighty-three other things).  My guess is you will fall asleep naming your blessings.

So why give obsessive attention to your three troubles?  These don't deserve center stage.  Problems?  Yes, or maybe.  But one of our strongest misfires in life is that we hand the microphone to these culprits and then step aside allowing them the floor.  In Bob Newhart's words, STOP IT!!  These villains do not deserve our endorsement.

May our new year receive our vow to observe life alive.  We will not be a people blessed by abundance; yet dissatisfied because we want even more.  We, rather, will be a nation of believers who are grateful for the 99 to 1 ratio of blessings over stresses.

That's what WE are going to do!

Anybody want to sign this petition?

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