Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Has the belief factor for men and women been stolen?  Have we hit a wall that has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with whether one has the heart to peer past the obvious; the seen?  Our world is a in a conflicting spin; a world of hurt and one of hope.

What is one to think these days?  Pain is here.  Frustration is there.  Is our only hope that Sunday morning church goes well?

Now--of all times--is the moment of believing.  And be encouraged, there are light-years of untapped potential and possibility for humanity now, today, at this very window of time.

I inquire as to whether our faith has taken on somewhat of a reduction that God would never have called believing.  Have we opted for current trends with a shrug of, Well, we gave prayer a shot; but nothing changed?  Those of us who insistently believe in God and His dynamic, have we lost our push, our press, our up for the battle?

Faith isn't attending a church nor is it vouching for an organized system of serving others.  Faith is a certainty that what doesn't appear to be feasible, in reality, exists. Church attendance and church participation can very well indicate strong faith.  Too it may, for some, be nothing more than a check-mark of activity on a religious calendar. The former finds meaning.  The latter increases in both boredom and frustration.

Be encouraged.  Believe God.  Believe Him in arenas of talent, skill, and provision which would seem absurd; even ridiculous.  If one can believe the Bible, then surely He seems to have spent a lot of time--like from cover to cover--exposing the fleshly wisdom and its trek as weak, foolish, lacking, and very old school.

Dare to believe.  It takes courage.

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