Sunday, December 06, 2015


Some days seem trimmed and brimmed with smiles and celebrations.  Others?  Not so much.

What I like about life is learning about God's style.  And He surely does have style.

Without Him life is found to be herky and jerky.  For certain....moody.  With Him, though, our days are packed with definitive and absolute hope.  The reason? Resurrection power.

His Son arose from the grave.  Whether our moods swing regarding confidence in the moment is dependent upon one thing only.  We either believe or don't believe that Jesus came out of the grave.  If He didn't, then we are free to return to our misery of hopelessness.  But.  If.  He.  Did.

But if He did....wake up our world!!!

Confidence in resurrection power does not signal we will never encounter discouragement nor does it imply we will never shed another tear.  It means that we WILL NEVER GIVE UP hope!

Whether good days or bad, we will always have reason to keep moving forward; chins up, even tears become telescopes into the future.  Romans 5:1-5.

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truckerdude said...

Terry, I logged on today and this was the first post I read. God is so GREAT! this goes hand in hand with something that I shared with my wife this morning. Been going through a hard time . Lost my driving job, behind on rent, and two weeks after that we find out she is pregnant. but the lord has never left us. we doing better.As i sat there talking with my wife about our struggles, a passage leaped into my mind, and i remember the first tome that I heard a serman preached on it. it was a young dynamic preacher named terry rush. ANd when I think of this passage I hear his voice at that very first tulsa worhshop. Count it all joy, when you encounter varies trials,know that the working of your faith produces endurance. thank you terry.