Thursday, December 17, 2015


Radical Islam is making the headlines.  This group is intentionally aggressive against the Christian (and others) nation solely due to their doctrinal impetus.  This isn't a religion gone haywire.  No, this is the activity of a segment of earthlings which is driven by conviction to expand their borders of influence to the ends of the world.

The radical Muslim reach is broad.  News has spread.  Abuse, murder, even beheadings seem to elevate exactly what these religious leaders have in mind; run over the top of anyone, any group who stands in the way.  Theirs is not a board game. Neither is it a vague concept.  It.  Is.  Here.

Having pointed to this situation in brevity, I do so to redirect our thoughts toward us. Where do we fit in this scheme of aggression?  Do we have a place.  Should we?

Could we consider that we are called to Radical Christianity?  Might we evaluate just what it is and where it is that we stand for in a religion which holds to a firm call of God?

Look at Jesus.  Radical or moderate?  To oppose the strongest leaders of the Law says radical.  He was neither intimidated nor was he mediocre.  Of course he was the strongest and the clearest regarding being radical when he was poised on the cross, absorbing our sins, and calling for preposterous forgiveness.

This.  Is.  The epitome of radical.

And just what is it that we are called to do?  We are to take up our crosses and follow suit.  We are not called to take up our song books, our pet peeves, nor our specified that-is-where-my-family-sits pew.  We are called to live in radical style.

A radical Christian doesn't quit when feelings get hurt.  This sort doesn't complain; but rather prays believing that even what isn't yet can become.  To think that dead settings and attitudes can somehow be resurrected to become productive and useful is....R A D I C A L.

To sense being blessed when things are going wrong is radical.  To forgive enemies is radical.  To endure hardship unfairly is radical.  To know that the end on earth isn't the end is radical.

Therefore, the term radical is not owned by the Islamic State.  It is to be by possessed by the Christian Nation as well.  Their weapons include knives to cut throats and bombs to massacre those in coffee shops.  Our weapon is to defeat that very enemy with a love unknown to human reason.

We saw it in Jesus.  Today (and all of our tomorrows) we are to pick up the cross-baton. This is the positive side of radical...and we are in on it!!

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Sherian Myers said...

I appreciate this article, but I,personally am still afraid and confused about what the rules should have his Muslims. I know some are peaceful, but how do we know which ones! I tend to sit on the "safe" side and say no to letting ng more of f to hem comment into this country. I don't what Jesus would do. So,e things are black and white and some are confusing! HELP!