Sunday, December 27, 2015


It seems that the starkest faith issue facing us is whether we believe God.  I say this fully aware that we religious sorts have mantled and dismantled things like who handles the missions money, what qualifies a Sunday School teacher, and when, where, if, and how to take communion,

Beneath our subconcerns is a bigger one.  Is God real?

Is there life after death?  Will there be a Heaven and if so will it come in colorful and living activity? Or, will it be as some assume; black and while boredom where we sit on very log pews and continue to listen to those sermons that seemed like eternity when on earth?

Believing God is always the task of the day for any who just aren't sure.  It seems that some give up their doubt at the very end since death is eminent anyway; might as well try the belief route since there would be nothing to lose.

However, the Bible is packed with such a mighty message; the invisibles are true (Hebrews 11;1).  Jesus (the one who's birth is continually validated on every currently dated document, every calendar, and every tombstone) is a historical figure.  His outlandish works were more than fascinating; they were verified.

The ancient Spirit of then is the same Spirit of today; opening doors, closing others, and bearing His fruit of love and peace through the hearts of believers who aren't in loving or peaceful situations.

God proves over and over that death after life is legit.  We see it from grains of corn dying and from other garden seeds sprouting after melting into the earth as dead.

Yet the fact remains.  The hope of life after death is a mystery...that I personally want all of us to be in on.

What I like about the Kingdom of God is that His works show up now, today, at the moment.  He is productive through weakness of people; just like He said He would (II Corinthians 12:9).  He brings hope to captives.  He is not dependent upon whether our days are good or bad ones; He blesses us in the midst of both sorts.

I understand the wobbliness of believing the factuality of God.  We sorta, kinda, wanna go down that street; yet, it seems to be so blind from the eye-sight point of view. That....would be called faith; believing what isn't yet while knowing that life will absolutely come from fragmentary and disruptive (but oh so temporary) death.

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