Saturday, December 12, 2015


I tell my colleagues two things...repeatedly.  I live like I'm ten years old and I just love right now!

Now you may not need this post as you are doing just fine.  I'm wagering some do.

For too many years I lived hobbled by worry.  Obsessive insecurity will do that to a man.  I felt silly, inadequate, no good, and stuck.  This is why I feel so strongly about the opportunity to believe in God.  He sets us free from those things which try to bully and intimidate us.

When Jesus calls for us to be born again, he means it.  We, as grown-ups, can start life over.  I love it; am fascinated with and by it.

Today, yes I'm still silly, but the difference is that I'm new every day and very happy because knowing God lightens the heart and the load.

I cheer you on.  Wake up to the wonder of you!  It's possible.  It's likely.  It's authentic.

Live like you are ten years old in that you simply love all that you experience....right now!!

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