Saturday, December 19, 2015


Could it be that a very simple adjustment would make us, the church, have greater impact immediately?  Is there possibly a posture of ours that holds us back?  Do we have a practice that puts evangelism in a straight-jacket?

I was thinking about my style this morning as I backed my car from the driveway.  It is this first thing tradition I have every morning of giving vocal praise to God; thanking Him for street decor, neighbors, homeless, special friends who need prayers, etc.  But today something different occurred as I entered into my drive-closet.

I transitioned from my list to simple, steady, and singular vocalization of only one matter.  I spent all of my time listing the things I love about Him.  While I try to improve as praising Him, this morning seemed different as it was somewhat of a precious moment where He was the topic, the subject, the receiver, and the honored.

After this time of offering God my meager brags of Him, something else occurred that I bring before you.  Do you think is possible that we have made gods of our churches?

Just as one could spend time praying without offering much adoration to Him specifically, is it very likely that God has been asked by congregations to take the back pew while we brag, parade, and adore the many valuable things our churches do?

I could be off-base.  My vision may be blurred.  But I do ask the question.  We, as churches, might make significant progress if we were as vocal to our communities about Father as we are delightfully vocal about our worship style, our class offerings, and our missions efforts.

The latter are so very valuable that I don't wish to minimize any of them.  Yet, my question is asking if within our structure and thinking patterns, have we minimized God Himself?

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