Wednesday, October 14, 2015


I am a despised and hated man.  Of course I'm dearly loved so many; but that first statement is no exaggeration.  Those in my field get it.  Some can't stand me because I am a pitiful failure in things of God...and they are so right.  Others?  They despise me because I don't agree with their doctrine.

One in my shoes constantly faces a very strange, often painful, terrain.

What I like about all of my enemies (and I have many) is that they are, indeed, dear and wonderful and treasured.  I will no longer be duped to hate them back.  Neither will I return sneer for sneer.  The  scene of Jesus on the Cross shows me who I truly am...nothing....more nothing than any one of my critics.

What I like about my enemies is that if they could see themselves from the viewpoint of the Cross they, too, would drop there stones of judgment.  It took me a long time so see it for my own life.  Their revelation will come to them.....and I will honestly, definitely, intentionally love them as they make that freeing trek.

What I like about my enemies is that what I receive from them negatively is what I've noticed I tend to give to others.  Wonderfully, then, my enemies are merely mirrors of myself.  The bottom line is that if we don't love even our enemies, we are far more in error than another we wish to accuse.

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