Saturday, October 10, 2015


Faith is the strongest form of rebellion.

When active, it can create something from nothing as well as give life to dead issues.  If those bent on walking out-of-step with societal norms had any idea how antagonistic faith is to the flesh-system, they would jump on this wagon in a heartbeat...and well they should.

Faith is not for the timid.  It erases threat and defeats fear.  Jesus, from the manger to the cross and through the grave, is its ultimate template.  What I like about faith is that it dares to defy the voices of my inner self or the nervous herd as to what won't work, what can't be, and what will surely fail.

Faith is the ultimate bravery because it will successfully confront man's wisdom with God's foolishness... and win every time it walks onto the field....every time.  Just ask those of Goliath's family tree.

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