Friday, July 10, 2015



That's how I feel day by day.  How about you?

I love God.  And, not only do I love people, I root for them.  There is so much to learn about God.  There is so much need by hurting neighbors.  There is so M U C H !

And aren't you glad?

Great news.  Boredom doesn't have a chance when overwhelmed by the size of these two entities.  Praise toward one and compassion toward the other.  Who wouldn't love to get to be us?

Moreover, we seek the One to help the other for the task is far too enormous for us to manage or control its outcome.  We are in on the greatest opportunities E V E R !

There is a big world of need to reach.  We are all so small.  But our God...our God takes us places of value and meaning that we could never design or arrange on our own.

Don't you love right now?

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