Wednesday, June 03, 2015


I have no desire to overstate this.  It seems, however, we are a people (America) in trouble.  While many of us can sneer at those "others" who clearly want to live on Easy Street, we surely want to be a significant part of the neighborhood.  We can see the slothfulness in others while explaining those traits in ourselves as deserving for we have worked hard to get where we are.

Have we grown to a willingness to serve others as long as we are cared for first?  Is our benevolence springing from selfish abundance?  Are we semi-engaging in a sacrificial comfort zone where it at least looks like we are doing something for others?

Understand, I really do believe that many have abundance because these have trusted God in His call; give and it shall be given to you without measure.  I speak, however, of our touchiness where we insist that things be done our way (always the right way, by the way).  Our sacrifice tends to be in hand-outs but no so much in endurance of others' weighty opinions.

We tend to want what

The days of exorbitant need by others is not diminishing.  We are called to give our lives away.  This would include our time, our money, as well as our pet peeves and our most feared threats.  The Cross of Jesus is to be carried; not just remembered at the communion table.  When we sing Soldiers of Christ Arise do we really mean Picnickers of Christ Arise?  

The church is under great persecution; not from the without, but from within.  We tend to want what we want and if we don't get what we want, we have options.  Other congregations await our very presence which might offer just the mediocrity which would satisfy the heart.  Do we recall that strain is very much a kingdom style as is endurance?

Consumeristic religion is a sham.  Many of us labor desperately as to whether we do the things which truly lead people to Jesus or are we doing what we can to keep the attendance count up.  This consumerism can often be found to keep the present consumers coming back without realizing there is a great failure to present the hope of Jesus to a dreary and seeking community.

I don't mean to be sounding as an expert.  I'm not.  Neither do I wish to badmouth us. I've proven that I'm not running.  Yet, I do wish to bring to our attention that we continue to be much more touchy about trying to improve and increase than we are about blatant neglect of personal responsibility to reach and teach the lost.

We talk big; even spout in bold statements of where we do and don't stand.  But lack of prayer along with habitual refusal to personally carry out the Great Commission is a testimony against our basic stance of we want what we want....with God's endorsement of course.

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