Wednesday, April 29, 2015


I watch the reports out of Baltimore with great interest.  Being white, I find myself challenged by the scenes of destruction.  Yet, I question what it is that I may be missing.  So may I appear quite vulnerable to you all as you read on?

There was a time in my life that such scenes didn't even challenge me.  They merely agitated.  Ridiculous.  Stupid.  Ignorant.  Such were my displeasured reactions.

However, I ran into a man whom I had loved as a fan; my Cardinal hero of all-time, Curt Flood.  I learned.  I learned a lot from being around him, his family, and his very closest of friends.  I learned the other side of angst.  There is another side to this story.  I had never listened; never thought there was anything yet to be considered.

For now, I dare to ask, Is there something the Caucasians don't get?  If so, what is it?  I now believe the answer to the first question is,Yes.  I weigh in with possibilities to the second.  The blacks call these protests.  Whites call them riots.

Destruction is everywhere and this is very bad.  While a very emotional, yet calm, Maryland State Senator was trying to explain to our nation on camera from one of the chaotic streets of Baltimore, local citizens peppered the camera lens with random disruptive appearances of spouting and shouting.

The black Senator remained calm while the agitants railed on in disruption.

And this occurred to me; we whites cannot seem to understand the protests because of the over-the-top who appear to immaturely and irresponsibly enjoy the destruction. What we tend to miss is that media, of course, has a flare for the dramatic.  Would we do well to remember that the most of these who are gathered may be there because they want better lives and don't know any other way to be heard; but the destruction was never in their game-plan?

Could it be that the voices of citizens who are calling for help are drowned out by those who distract in their violent, loud, obnoxious behavior?

And could it be that, similarly, this is why the gospel isn't heard in America?  It isn't that the bulk of believers are money-grubbing, slick-talking, self-focused people. Could it be that too many church reps who get in front of the camera with such a disposition cause viewers to think that most of the Jesus-followers are like that?

Is there a connection between the truth of black communities being misunderstood just like the Truth of God is also the very people who spout His positions?

It is my conviction today that mankind has a problem followed by a solution.  The problem is the wrong ones get the camera time and the solution is for all of us to realize the problem.  Do all blacks who take the camera appear over-the-edge?  No.  And not all television evangelists appear self-promoting.

We must guard against becoming emotionally distracted or we may very likely miss the underlying needs and cries....from both important groups.

And that's my point.  There are abundant and tremendous causes coming from both of these camps.  We must not go deaf to either field just because some most vocal have been poor representations of that which is actually in the mix of potential and possibility which would deeply bless every community.

The bottom line to all of this is that I need to do a good job of self-evaluation for I am likely to be just like those who irritate me...Romans 2:1-5.

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