Sunday, April 12, 2015


There's been an impacting statement that has been around for quite sometime.  It goes something like, Too many Christians go through life looking like they have been weened on dill pickles.  While that's pretty funny, it also could be in several cases fairly true.

My take on church is different in many ways from my earlier days of observation and participation.  I guess one of my biggest surprises about church is to find that it isn't boring, isn't supposed to be boring, and is anything but boring.

There is a distinguishable difference between attending versus being actively engaged in the work.  The former is basically from a spectator position with great need to keep it interesting; a bit of entertainment might help.  The latter, however, strikes when one realizes there is a calling of God to give assistance to others who are down and out.

There is such a difference in being weary of watching the clock as to when the morning service will finally be over compared to a daily life of praising God and helping others. One has little purpose while the other has deep heart-meaning.

Praising God?  Ah, there's a turn-off phrase for some; even many churchies.  Yet, being grateful to God for even the routines of life (like seeing, breathing, walking, talking) is life changing when one shifts to giving Him credit for our living experiences.  We are called to give God enormous praise and when we do, we begin to view our personal walks differently.  They seem to...come alive!

For any who can't stand the thought of church, I get it.  Most likely yours is a misunderstanding as was mine.  I had no idea that God interacted with His followers.  I thought rote attendance was the name of the game.  Not.

The name of the game is loving God...really intentionally loving Him...and loving our neighbors to the extent we will sacrifice for them to see that they have a good day.  The element of the Spirit of God actually participating in our days is not a Sunday-Morning-For-An-Hour system.  It is a wondrous daily walk full of God's provisions....and great surprises!

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