Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Mankind is in a definite and certain kind of war for its life.  No generation is ever exempt.  Individuals of every economic, social, political, and religious inclination do battle over one major tenet; personal image.  How do we look to others?  How do we sound?  How are we judged?  How are we doing?

The pressure to live the image embedded within our own heads can be a monstrous dictator.  Appearance (or lack of) is a rigid ruler.  How often we try to bow to the Kings and Queens of latest trend and/or current fashion.

This reality gives me insight into every one's life.  I know this truth; every person lives with huge personal question marks about himself or herself. It doesn't matter how we dress of a morning or look in the afternoon, we wonder if we are doing all right.  Many of us are fairly sure we are not.

This is not an occasional battle for a handful of us.  Oh sure, some have no trouble with this because they simply don't care what anyone thinks about them.  (Well....they should!)

So what shall those three (or three billion), who are just as I am, do?  We shall learn to relax.  We shall learn that, even with all of our public warts, we are valuable and needed and useful because God doesn't create junk.

We shall learn to be thankful.  He is amazing and we are His!

Life isn't a matter of, Are we enough?  Life is a matter of us focusing on two powerful reservoirs; giving great attention to God and giving great encouragement to others. What about us?  We will receive the security we need when we give ourselves away to His cause and their well-being.

The image war is ruthless.  It is also a conquerable war.  We win such a fierce battle by being attentive outwardly toward God and others.  The most miserable among us are consistently the selfish.  The enthused are steadily the sacrificial.  Life a life....where you win!

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