Friday, January 02, 2015


Years ago our church took out ads in two Hollywood papers offering contact information for any in the celebrity industry who might be seeking God.  One call came in from a very kind woman who said that she could not tell me her name; but she wanted to visit with me about finding peace in God.

Everyone is on the same level when it comes to the question of whether the spiritual is a reality.

Life is a swirl of success and failure; conquering and faltering.  Our spirits lift only to sink while searching for recovery of the lift experience...repeatedly.  What will it take to help us realize this life is temporary; yet there is the true eternal aspect of each which begs for our attention?

I want you to know that I seem addicted to loving/caring/reaching out to people.  I believe every person is treasured by God for each is His personal design.  He is crazy about us...about you...about each.  Our problem is that we sense our own worthlessness and assume God feels the same.

Some don't believe God exists.  Others think He might; but the way to Him seems blurred with confusion; religious distractions and infractions.  Still others would like to know Him but feel they are too far gone, sin-wise, to be redeemed.  My heart goes out to all with the deepest sympathy.  I understand our hesitation.

I'm far too inadequate to do a very good job of communicating God's absolute desire to care for every one of us.  Yet, I will continue to try.  There has yet to be a day without a new listing in the obituary columns.  None are immune to physical death.  We must get serious about plans for the Future!

The afterlife life is a true...very true...reality.  One can see it in small seedlings that die in order to become some living entity much brighter, more alive than it was before succumbing to its garden grave.  A next life after first life is factual.  It isn't guess-work nor is it hope-so-ness.

And just as the seed is buried in the ground in order to come to (new) life, Jesus calls us to be buried (in a watery grave of baptism) in order to be raised up into an entirely new order.  I was.  I did.  And the new life I have found is remarkable...stunningly, surprisingly remarkable!

So why do very good people hesitate; even hesitate with seeming good excuses?  Well, thoughts would vary.  Some balk from injury by we God-professers who discourage them by our in-your-face evangelism tactics.  Others from self-protection due to not sure what to ask, what to do, nor how to do it.  Add to this list several more legitimate reasons of restraint.

Therefore, I want to be one of those who extends an understanding hand.  I want to talk with you, if you wouldn't mind, about what it means to reconnect with God via the new birth.  We are all alike.  There is no other kind of person in the church other than a redeemed sinner who gets a second chance at by day.

Jesus really is a Place to Start Life Over.  Do-overs; yes!

We each battle the pull to do life the best we can on our own.  Eventually (I hope), we will run out of gas.  We will reach a point that our self-assertive efforts just can't cut it any longer.  We are sunk unless this thing about true.

I want you to say to me (or any like me), Hey, I wonder if you could carefully and patiently give me spiritual direction because my self-made efforts seem to fade far too quickly.  Go easy for I don't know what I'm asking; but I am beginning to believe there is more to life than chasing after this earthly stuff that seems to atrophy in remarkable illusion.

I don't have all of the answers.  But I know Who does.  Together, maybe we can help each other move into a new sort of life that will never fade.  I had to do it (with hesitation I might add) and I'm stunned at the new world I be true as promised.

Contact me privately at,  or call 918-519-7474, or see me.  I know how to listen in complete confidence.  Others won't know of your inquiry.  I and others are safe places for you to privately inquire as to the hope that is to be yours.

Ponder seriously that you might want to approach the new year with a new you.

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