Tuesday, December 09, 2014


On occasion I'm assigned to work with some whom I have never met.  When I know they have no idea what I do, I tell them I am the church janitor.  They readily accept such.

Last weekend the Ann Voskamp team was here to do an amazing outreach event. When I met some of the behind-the-scenes crew, they needed to look over several rooms to see what all would work for their needs.

I told them I was the janitor and had a key to any room they wished.  We toured.

Later I told them what I really do and, of course, there was great response in the surprise as I never appear in everyday living to be more than a janitor.

Jesus was the Janitor.  He came to earth to connect at the servant segment of society so that he could move into the hearts of the world's inhabitants.  Marvelous.  A stunning move of God.

This Savior, King, Prince of Peace shocked communities because didn't wash dishes....but feet.

Man's constant stride from his earliest years seems bent on becoming somebody. Jesus, the Somebody of all somebodies, became a slave in his Mastership.  We are called to follow him.  We are called to lay down our lives for others.

That they are more and we are less is surely a strong thread of kingdom positioning.

Being a big deal doesn't fit in the kingdom of the King.  Church stars aren't born.  No. Janitorial duty, cleaning up the messes of others, is our highest calling.

People hurt.  They feel lost and alone.  These had hoped for better.  We can help.  Only a few will need a doctorate or a million bucks.  We will all need a bucket and a mop; maybe a towel over our shoulders.

Look out world!  Here we come!  And, you won't recognize us...but we belong to the Janitor/King!

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