Wednesday, December 03, 2014


Don't you just love people?

I do.  I first learned it from my mom, then from friends, and ultimately from God.

Fascinating.  Ambitious.  Tender.  Imaginative.  Thoughtful.  Welcoming.  Talented.

If I were to survey what it is that helps men and women, boys and girls, make it over the highest hurdle in order to finish the course successfully and effectively, surely randomly intelligent answers would flow.  A good education.  Commitment.  Discipline. Beauty.  Investment.  Etc.

I toss a biggie your way for consideration.  It seems that reality life is based upon the spirit(ual); not the flesh.  The flesh may give life a good shot at first.  Later, however, it begins to wrinkle, age, wither, and then die....100% of the time.  So the flesh route can be exciting; but it must be regarded as very temporary.  At lot of movies are on television today starring actors/actresses....that are dead.

So how does one get a grip on the best life possible?

I think it is through the back door of super-humility.  This is the champion trek.  Jesus is surely the Master of mastering life.  He was super-humble to the point of dying for the worst-case-scenario; for those who hated his guts.

The apostle Paul was not far behind.  Through humility he allowed us to know the real inner Paul.  He stated repeatedly of his own lack coupled with his certainty of the Spirit's power.  This is a magical combination.

Paul openly admitted he was a nobody, he was the least, he was the chiefest of sinners and that the only power he possessed was to be attributed to his weakness.  Nothing else came to his mind except one.  Oh, that would be his sheer confidence in the Spirit's functioning within his own vulnerable frame.

It is a most natural course to take a swipe at life in the fast lane.  We thirst for the impressive and the noticeable.  Yet, the real crux of the best life possible is to give oneself away that others be blessed.  We have a choice to either empty ourselves for others or experience noisy emptiness because we live selfishly.

The good news is that we have a choice.  The best possible life isn't that one that is dealt to us.  It's the one that transforms the dead-end inward attention by being attentive to everyone around.  Giving ourselves away is the true grip of the best life possible.

Be considerate.  Be thoughtful.  Be merciful.  Be generous.

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