Friday, November 14, 2014


While we are vigorously striving for better ministry with greater outreach, we must guard against making either of these a personal god.  One of the things good church leadership tries to do is engage new members as quickly as possible.  Connection is serious.  It is important.

But, connection cannot become god.

Worship style cannot become god.

Preacher ability cannot become god.

Friends and acquaintances cannot become god.

Church programs cannot become god.

Time spent in prayer or reading the Bible cannot become god.

Church tradition cannot become god.

God is to be God of all for all in all and with all.

He is to be sought.  God is to be credited for our blessings.  He is the One who supplies, sustains, rescues, and redeems.  No one else.  No thing else.

Only Him.

May we grow in worshiping God; not worshiping the preacher nor worshiping worship. May we become increasingly enamored with....God himself.

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