Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Today is a different sort.  At 2:00 this afternoon I am to stand before a Momma and a Daddy and two of their daughters as we have the funeral of their only son; a 22 year old veteran who once served our nation.

This young man was necessarily shot by the police last week during one of his traumatic flashbacks.  Believing he was under fire, he began shooting from his second-story apartment window.  His injuries were fatal.

This is one of the saddest circumstances; a family saying farewell to their son/brother/grandson due to the aftermath of being wounded in the Afghan war.

While the setting is over-the-top heart-breaking, it is the very place we children of God should be; serving the intensely distressed.  There is no better news than His. There is no better reach....than His.  There is no better Rescuer...than Him.

Toward the end of the memorial I am going to ask them if they have wondered, Where was God?  With great hope I will be able to share with them that where He was is where they are.  He was watching unfair matters play out on the cross as Jesus volunteered to be beaten to death for all of us.  Our burdens are momentary because He was where we are....2000 years ago.

Father knows the ropes of deep sadness and pain...like no one else could understand.

God was a great planner.  He is the best at thinking ahead.  His preparation is of saving power.

Thank God for the stresses of today.  In these moments we have reason to share His work of love.

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