Tuesday, April 08, 2014


People.  We act differently.  We want differently.  We need differently.  We are not alike.  Giving one another room and understanding is a fundamental courtesy that each of us needs.

There are, also, strong similarities.  Once we keep these in perspective as we bump into and bounce off of one another this might ease considerable tension.  Regardless of social level, from homeless to CEOs to celebrities, I wish to project a few of our commonalities:

  1. We each suffer from loneliness.  Knowing this will cause us to afford the irritating personalities to receive understanding rather than disgust.
  2. We each suffer from insecurity.  When we know this strikes at every social level of every individual, patience and understanding become a welcomed option.
  3. We each suffer from comparison.  To gage our value by placing ourselves beside another is a mistaken measurement.  Each is special.  No one has all of the gifts of life.  To begrudge the talent of another is to neglect the unique ability we personally possess which comes from God.  
  4. We each suffer from the striking snares of sin.  It as this juncture that one may tend to think more highly of self than we should.  It is here that we tend to judge another while we rationalize and dismiss our own unfaithfulness.  We are all the same.  One is guilty of immorality and another of embezzlement.  The Word says if we are guilty of one sin, we are guilty of all.
Hopefully, drawing attention to our commonalities would make us even kinder and gentler people who possess a tenderness for fellow man as we root for one another. There are no exceptions.  All of us are alike.  We want.  We need.  And we severely fumble....every one of us....as we cannot come close to being what He desires.

We are not called to live in depression over our lack.  We are called to celebrate Jesus' glory for taking our places upon the cross.  Repentance is to be our move; admission to our guilt and confession that Jesus is the one, the only one, who does life right.

We....will claim his life as our own....thank you.

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